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Thursday, June 18, 2009

That sorry seems to be the hardest word...

Well its not a logo, its not a poster, well its just 'playing with the text', Yes! that's what it is, as I was just playing around with the text and I had nothing to write so I used some song lyrics instead

I myself didn't realized when I really got going with this play and created something which, to me, makes perfect sense to the song, making 'sorry' with the words 'the hardest word'.

However since I had something I thought I will just show it to all my pals around the globe, so don't forget to leave your interesting comments :D which I always look forward too.


  1. Nice one Aslam. Keep it up your demonstration always.

  2. Its amazing. The work is great. It actually makes you ponder over the thought for a while and definitely makes you believe it in the end...
    Great going mate, keep the good work up!

  3. quite creative. makes u to have a second thought

  4. Nice work there. Simple usage of Typography design & it express the somberness of the word "SORRY".

    Inquire one, why it is so hard to say "SORRY" to ourself or to someone else sometime when we fail to live up to the expectation.

    Well done.

  5. @ajit - thanx man, will definitely keep doing tht

    @adhish - thanx alot man, all aim of creating is just tht only, making one believe in it at the end :)

    @sawan - thanx dude

    @eric - thanx a ton of comment man, as always i really look forward to ur comments, n i m really proud tht this is the 2nd design of mine u liked in a row, thanx once again

  6. :) usual..perfect blend of typography n design...n plus..thaught process behind ds..nice.....

  7. thanx shweta, its always nice to see ur comment :D

  8. Excellent work..have seen many of ur wrks n have always liked it...:):)so KEEP IT UP!!!

  9. hey dis one ur one of d raffles project na ?? i think i have seen dis


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